Top 6 Adrenalin Offers for Holidays in Bulgaria

It is an often situation when people do not want their vacation to be just a great view from the hotel and all the commodities. There are people in the world who are real adrenaline seekers and Bulgaria is a place that can offer them. So let’s see top 6 adrenaline experience things to do in Bulgaria, according to the proposals related to Plovdiv top offers.

They say sky is the limit, but in our first proposal, sky is the beginning. Bulgaria offers excellent “walks” in the skies with aircraft of your choice. This is an excellent opportunity for experienced and inexperienced people who want to see the beauty of the land from bird’s eye view, to air in the air with the birds and to let their bodies be carried by the wind. Of course everything is conducted by experienced instructors, regardless of the air transport you have chosen. You can even perpetuate your personal experience by ordering your flight filmed.

Bulgaria is rich in forests and mountains, which also carry mystical stories that have taken place in even more mystical places. If you are afraid of flying, but you love adrenaline experiences on the ground, an expedition in a cave may be just what you are looking for. One of Plovdiv top offers is a trip to the Golubovitsa Cave – a phenomenal water cave that fills the minds of professional speleologists and tourists who visit it with its unique assets.

You are sea lover? Ok, let’s go to the Black Sea. There is even Bulgarian song starting like that but we are not going to be there just for the summer fun. We are looking to give you a thrilling experience by choosing a lot of possibilities. Immediately think of an extreme jet trip along the Black Sea coast, of course in the allowed areas, where you can give control of the speed and break the waves. The road from Plovdiv to Black Sea is less than 3 hours.

Different suggestions of Plovdiv top offers have different levels of adrenaline and are related to the variety of the requests, but the real adrenaline breaker is the bungee jump. Bulgaria is a well-developed destination in this direction, so there are interesting places to make the jump.

For lovers of rock climbing there is also plenty to offer. Moreover, such an adventure is always connected with a planned walk in nature and a full immersion in the beauties of Bulgaria.

Let us introduce you another adrenaline offer but this time not related to the country’s natural features. There is a great Karting Track inside a famous Plovdiv quarter. It is a place where one can drive with hours. The track is also suitable for team building to spend great hours with colleagues, competing with them in a fun battle on wheels.